The Most Popular eSports To Bet On

The Most Popular eSports To Bet On

Competitive video gaming has been getting an increased recognition as a real sport in the past several years. There are many betting websites that will allow you to do so, and here are some of the most popular eSports games that you can gamble on.

League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL) is by far the most popular eSports category in the world today. There is a world championship venue that’s been taking place every year since 2011 which attracts thousands of visitors. League of Legend players can win juicy prizes if they reach one of the top 3 places at the event, and the winners get cash rewards that are in the millions. It’s no surprise that this is also a game people most commonly bet on.

Dota 2

Multiplayer online battle arenas like Dota 2 are the most popular eSports games people bet on. Annual tournament called The International is specifically organized for the best Dota 2 players to compete in. There’s also a Dota Pro Circuit with extensive coverage and analysis just like in the world of traditional sporting events. Naturally, a lot of betting websites have Dota 2 leagues and tournaments in their market selection.


Especially popular in South Korea, StarCraft: Brood War is considered one the most successful eSports game in the world today. It has its own ranking systems and there are even special television channels dedicated to this particular game. It also has a World Championship Series, and is widely popular outside of South Korea and Asia. If you are browsing on your favorite gambling website at the time one of StarCraft competitions is taking place, you are sure to find it in the betting offers.

Counter Strike

Counter Strike first came out in the year 2000 and it really aged well in the eSports community. The fourth game called Global Offensive was introduced in 2012 and is the most common version of the game played on eSports events. There are many Global Offensive tournaments organized over the year, either by third-party organizations or by Valve (the game developer). Media coverage includes both live, pre-game, and post-game commentary hosted on major sports channels.

Call of Duty

Alongside MOBA-s and real-time strategies, first-person shooters like Call of Duty are also very popular in eSports. Leagues like Major League Gaming feature many of the games from the CoD franchise like Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops II, Ghosts, etc. Apart from the aforementioned games, Call of Duty can also be played in single player mode. However, CoD is not as popular as other games we talked about and the rewards are slightly smaller.

Where To Bet?

Since this is a relatively new sport, not all betting websites have eSports competitions included in their offer. The most famous ones who do are Betway, SkyBet, eSportBet, and a few more.