Are 5 Minute Crafts Tutorials Safe to Follow?

Learning is what we love doing, as people. We love getting into situations where things are unknown, only for us to come out of the situation smarter and readier to take on the world.

Learning can nowadays be done through the internet, which makes things easier, but comes at a price. There is so much information available online, which makes things complicated for anyone who is serious about learning.

With so many tutorials available, finding one that is good is problematic. Short tutorials can be difficult to understand, and dangerous depending on the topic. 

Craft isn’t a dangerous topic, right? It could be, so pay attention when you watch 5 minute tutorials on the subject, and here is why.

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Hurt

Seriously, when handling any sharp objects such as scissors or working with glue, you might not get injured, but if you are careless, you might get a poke here or there, or even get glued to something. You don’t want to use nitro solvent, because that thing has quite the smell, and super glue dries really quickly. 

Make sure to pay attention to what the person is saying, and to use common sense. Typically, all tutorials have warnings and safety notices, to make sure that people don’t hurt themselves in the process, and to remove responsibility from the person making the tutorial.

Whatever you are doing you are responsible for it, which is as it should be.

Crafts are Easy to Get Around

Once we get all the serious talk out of the way, crafts are not that difficult to approach. It takes a little know-how and some hand-eye coordination. If you know how to cut a piece of paper and know where your fingers are most of the time, five-minute-long tutorials will not be an issue at all.

A five minute tutorial should cover most of the things that you should do to make a simple object. Whether decorations or something more practical, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Common Sense Should be Applied

Everything can be dangerous if you don’t apply common sense. For example, you should not lie under a car while it is jacked up with the factory supplied jack, while another person is testing the jack’s strength by jumping on the car. 

You should also be careful when doing crafts. Don’t leave knives out with the blades pointing towards you, nor should you leave scissors open. Pointy objects should be handled with care, especially if they are sharp.

Five minute crafts tutorials should be safe, particularly if we apply common sense and handle the tools with care and attention to ourselves and others.