Some Great Crafty Activities to Try With Your Family!

Family time is important and nowadays, we tend to spend too much of our free time by screens, doing who knows what, often nothing productive. Whether browsing social media or watching movies or TV shows, or even worse, clips that you can replay a million times, not to mention that you often don’t end with one, screen time is a problem for most of the people nowadays, especially if they started a family.

Why not take up some interesting activities and start spending time with your family, instead of your screen?

Here are a couple of crafty activities that you can do with your family.

Build Something Out of Wood

Wood can be found everywhere, although you might not want to spend too much money on wood which is expensive. Regular laminated wood is not that expensive and you can use it to build anything that can be functional, or aesthetic, or both, depending on the use case. 

With that, you should consider building anything from a bookcase to an end table, to a shelf. A lot of things can be made out of wood, from houses to musical instruments, to simple objects. It takes skill and patience, but is an otherwise great hobby and family activity.

Paint a Room

This might take more skill than is expected, but if you’re painting the room in a single color and the paint has been premade (you are not mixing the colors yourself) you should have a much easier time doing the work.

Make sure to cover all the furniture, or even better, take it out from the room before you start painting. Cover the room in nylon, so as not to stain the carpet or floor. Start with a single layer of paint. After it dries out, see whether another layer is needed. The beauty about painting is that you can do it all over again, should you not like it.

Sealing Windows and Doors

When it is windy and all of a sudden, you find yourself not being able to open your door, then it might be time to start working on the seals. There are many ways to go about sealing doors and windows, the first and most expensive choice being to straight up replace the doors and windows.

Since that is out of the question for most people, at least as a DIY project, sealing the doors and windows can be done through other ways. Start with self-adhesive rubber, which can do a decent enough job of blocking the wind. This is good for starters. Some people use latex caulk, which is typically used as a sealant. 

Overall House Maintenance

Wherever you live, whether house or apartment, there is always some work to be done. Some things might not be a priority, but if you do them ahead of their time, you can live knowing that your house is in tip-top shape, while also having a family activity.

From changing light bulbs to checking the fence and garage door, anything could be in need of maintenance.

Try these crafty activities with your family, to bond and have fun.