Athletes That Are Also Artists in Their Free Time

Athletes That Are Also Artists in Their Free Time

Professional sports today require from athletes to be focused only on their physical workouts and training routines. Apart from practicing, playing games, and traveling in between, pro athletes don’t have too much of a free time on their hands. However, with the little time they do have, they tend to use it either by spending it with their families or engaging in some hobbies. And yes, a small number of successful athletes are artists in their free time. Although they have enough money to collect artworks, these people are instead creating it.

Desmond Mason

Desmond Mason is a former basketball player that made his name by playing in the NBA. Even before he retired from pro-ball, Desmond studied studio art at college. An interesting fact is that David Stern – then commissioner of the league – asked Desmond to sell him one of his drawings for $500. Later, Mason managed to sell some of his artworks to famous people like Hollywood star George Clooney and Chicago businessman David Gupta, who bought one of his paintings for $60.000.

Vinnie Jones

Vinnie Jones made his reputation as one of the “bad boys” of the British football in the 90’s. This image followed him after he retired from professional soccer and started acting in movies. Although a lot of athletes are featured in movies these days, Vinnie can be considered one of the best and most memorable actors out of all sports figures. He made his debut while still being a pro player in Guy Ritchie’s “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”, and went on to act in almost 100 titles since.

Serena Williams

Serena is arguably the best female tennis player the sport has ever seen. It’s astonishing that an athlete like her also hides another talent that she is less known for. This 37-time Grand Slam champion also likes to paint and her line of painting called “Expressions” has gained some worldwide recognition.

Adrien Broner

Professional American boxer Adrien Broner is very successful in the ring, but he also likes to show his skills behind the mic. As a matter of fact, Adrien can be considered somewhat of a rap star. His lyrical talents have given him an opportunity to record a song with famous rapper Rick Ross titled “40”.

Dwyane Wade

Famous athletes are usually seen wearing flashy clothes that are not always what you would consider tasteful. However, some stars from the world of sports are fashionistas in their spare time, and the NBA player Dwyane Wade is one of them. He likes to design socks and ties, and he’s constantly working on creating new collections whenever he has the time for it.