How to Design a Simple Casino Game

In today’s world, making something on a computer is easier than it used to be twenty years ago, much easier in fact. Today’s games are created through various engines and tools which make the process of development much easier.

Casino games are popular and it comes as no surprise that there will be plenty of online casinos offering games of all sorts.

But, what if you wanted to make a casino game of your own? Is it difficult to make one? Well, not really, but it takes some effort and knowledge. Here is how to create your own casino game.


Choose a Platform

This is a really important part of making a casino game. Choosing the right platform to make the game makes a huge difference between what the game will look like and how it will perform. Since most casino games nowadays are built for the online market, it is worth knowing what works on the internet. Languages like Javascript and PHP can work well, but others may need to be implemented. 

If the game is built for a land casino, it is also necessary to know whether it will be a slot machine game or video poker. In each case, using today’s technology, the platform should be one of the many x86 or even ARM operating systems, which leaves a ton of possibilities for choosing a programming language.


Decide on the Type of Game

A card game is very different from a slot machine game. A multiplayer game is also much different from other games, especially single-player ones. Multiplayer games focus on the experience between players and often have basic AI functions for single-players. Single-player games, on the other hand, are much more focused on the AI if they are card games and on the odds, if they are slot machine games.

The game design also needs to be appropriate, the style, the story, if it is a progressive slot game, so there should be a focus on these things first. 


Work on Making the Game Playable and Enjoyable

A game doesn’t just need to look good, but it also has to play well. Casino games are supposed to be enticing. Part of the enticement comes from the fact that it is a casino game, but the other part is from the design and gameplay. A boring slot machine game is not going to have anybody stuck to their screen.

A good game with terrible graphics might also be a big no for those who are more visually attuned. A game should both look good and play well. Being a simple casino game, the design can also be simplified, but the gameplay should always be on the same level as more popular casino games.


Developing a casino game is not simple, even though it should be easier than a AAA title. With these tips, you should find building a casino game easier.