About The Explosion of The Number of Fortnite Players

About The Explosion of The Number of Fortnite Players

Fortnite: Battle Royale has seen some of the biggest player attraction in the gaming world in the past decade. Although Fortnite hosted around 2 million players at the beginning of 2018, the latest reports say that an estimated amount of 4 million people are playing this game today. So how did this explosion happen and what are the reasons behind it?

The Open World

Sandbox games had their success in the past and it seems that they are far from done. The first insanely popular open world game was (and still is) World of Warcraft. Exploration and the ability to fight and survive in co-op adventures is what attracts a multitude of players, and if you know how to make a game like that really enjoyable, you will easily hit the million player mark.

Fortnite has a big map that every person will have fun walking around and exploring. There’s always something new to discover since the creators of the game keep adding fresh content every week.

Player Vs Player

In order for a game to be popular worldwide, you have to make it competitive. People love playing against each other and proving their skills. It goes without saying that PVP games that take place in an open world have a bigger potential to attract a massive audience than linear-style single-player ones.


Each game of Battle Royale starts with 100 players in a free-for-all. The goal is to survive the longest and be the last person standing. This aspect of the game is super fun and it becomes almost addictive the longer you play. Everybody wants to finish first, and the less players are left on the map, the more intense it gets.

Ease of Play

Fortnite can be challenging and requires skill if you want to be at the top, but essentially it’s really simple and easy to learn and play. You just jump right it and start blasting.

Fortnite Is Free

You would think that a good game such as this one will cost some money, but it actually doesn’t. Everybody can download it for free and start playing. The game is available on PC, but also consoles like Xbox One and PS4. You can also play this game on your iOS devices and the game is really well optimized for smaller screens.