How to Find Your Own Arts and Crafts Style

How to Find Your Own Arts and Crafts Style

Arts and crafts are an international movement. It originated two centuries ago and it represents everything that is anti-industrial. It is about individuality, personal preference and artistry. This movement has experienced many design eras from its inception. It then arrived to the twenty-first century and has taken a shape that is more powerful than ever. There has not been a time that the industrial and non-personal have been this strong, but also a movement and desire for arts and crafts. This is the time to find your own.

We are influenced by the age of today. We show it in our clothes and the way we act, what we read and what we like. All of these pointers create our arts and crafts style. We are a collection of our habits that we are trying to control. Out of our randomness, our own style rises to represent us and be a part of us.

Everyone has Their Own Style

No matter what kind of arts and crafts you enjoy, you should represent originality. To discover something, it means to unveil it and understand it. As creators, we are exposing our insides to the outside world. We are looking for ways for things to be different, usually better.

William Morris was the man who started the arts and crafts movement. He talked to his students at Oxford University. If you take a look at his house design, it is vastly different from what England is used to. He also designed furniture for it and also participated in the manufacturing process of that furniture. He explored his style until it was perfected.

With respect for history, we can say that we need to explore our style, turn it around and remake it. Remake the world around you, make it in your image and style. Don’t turn to undesirable effects of mass production which has taken over the world today.

As the nineteenth century ended, arts and crafts ideas and what it stood for had an influence on domestic design, bookmaking, photography, illustration, graphics, sculpture, jewelry design, stained glass, woodwork and so many other industries. Everything has taken an individual influence by their designer and became an expression of the person instead of the industrial way of doing things.

England was just the beginning, arts and crafts quickly spread to the United States and it could be seen in every state. Art Deco has emerged and taken over. So, this is how arts and crafts took its style in the world. But let’s go back to you, how do you do it? What we can say that it is already in you, you just need to bring it out and show it to the world. Go out there and create something different, express yourself and make someone’s life more enjoyable by exposing them to your creation. Welcome to the arts and crafts movement, now we are all members of it. We are all creating.