Colours Associated With Online Gambling That Can Be Used In An Online Casino

Colours Associated With Online Gambling That Can Be Used In An Online Casino

Online casino games use a wide range of colours for several different purposes. The purpose of colours can be to differentiate certain segments of the game and to make rules out of them – like betting on red or black in roulette. Colours can also be useful as to bring attention to the player and to attract them with colourful graphics like in various slots. However we see them, colours are not just tools used in online gambling, but also an important part of our everyday lives. We associate colours with various things and they can trigger a certain emotion in us.

Red And Black

The most classic casino colours are definitely red and black. In roulette – whether you’re playing American, European, or French version of the game – red and black can be seen all over the board and the wheel. There is a total of 36 numbers (not counting zero and double-zero), 18 of which are coloured red and 18 black. There is almost a 50% chance that the ball will stop at either of these colours that you can bet on, with the exception of zeros that are coloured green.

Playing cards also use these two colours. Two suits – hearts and diamonds – are coloured red, while clubs and spades are black. This is also useful so a player can easily differentiate which suit he got, but they can also be used as a winning combination in certain games, like poker.


Green is the color of money, and you can say that it’s the trademark color of casinos in general. The cloth on the poker, roulette, and craps table is usually made in this colour. Also, green pockets of zero and double zero in roulette are the only numbers that are not coloured red or black. Whether it’s the dollar sign or a bundle of bills, green symbols are seen all across the wide range of casino games.


Most people’s first association with the word “jackpot” is a bunch of golden coins pouring out of a slot machine. Gold is more valuable than money and therefore is another colour most commonly seen in online casinos. Apart from shiny coins and poker chips, golden bars can commonly be seen as a symbol in many online slot games. If you get them in a certain order, it often means that you got a big reward, triggered a bonus game, or that you hit the big jackpot.

Fruity Colours

If you ever played slots, either in an online casino or a land-based one, you probably saw how colourful they are. Almost all traditional slots include some kind of fruits, which are by nature very vivid. Apples are usually red, lemons are yellow, pears can be green, etc. Again, this colour variability can make it easy for the players to notice the difference between certain symbols and to not get too confused when playing the game.


Graphics are a big part of online gambling today. While these games do not require advanced graphics since they are essentially very straightforward and mechanically simple, they still need a way to attract the player’s attention. Many manufacturers of online slots today tend to make the games very colourful and shiny, so the potential player will click on them. The characters are often cartoony rather than realistic, and all colour ranges can be seen in symbols and backgrounds.