What are Crafts?

What are Crafts?

In its basic form, the word ‘craft’ means skill. It is something a person has to apply in order to complete their work. Crafts can be an art form, where people can express themselves and form a creation that makes other people react to it. Depending on what kinds of materials are being used to create the art from (for example: wood, glass or clay, or any other material), crafts can be divided into a few categories. We will mention a few of them in this article, but for the full list feel free to explore the internet further.


Pottery is one of the crafts that have some very old origins. Even the ancient humans produced pottery products as early dishes and other tools they used on a daily basis. Pottery has made its way into the modern age and is still considered a noble hobby. Practicing pottery can be very satisfying. If you’d like to try it out without getting your hands dirty, you can download an app, I tried one of those a few years back and it was a lot of fun.

Glass Art

Glass art is another craft that is considered an incredibly beautiful art form. It requires a lot of practicing and may be dangerous if not handled with safety in mind. Some people do wonders and producing the glass art can be incredibly satisfying to watch and experience.

Rug Making

This craft is widely used as everyone has some kind of a rug in the house. Some people prefer to have it handmade. It is not rare that rugs can cost a lot of money if you want it made a certain way. It can take a lot of time of careful stitching to get it done.

Shoe Making

Making shoes is a craft and also an art form. Today, some shoes are being manufactured while others are being handmade. Shoes can contain some interesting materials such as gold, silver or other metals. It can include stitching of some kind and other skills that go into the production of the shoe.


This is a Japanese word that means the arrangement of the flowers. It is a tender art form that can often be seen at weddings, among other places. Nowadays, there are many professionals who do a great job at this craft.

Book Binding

This is another very old craft that goes back as far as the books themselves. Back in the day, this was the only way books were produced. And people who knew how to do this were highly respected. Today this process is done very quickly which is mostly done by machines, but there are people who still do it by hand and put a lot of work into it.


As soon as you spot a mosaic you know that someone put a lot of time and effort into it. There is no easy way to produce these automatically.


Time is everything we have. I don’t have to explain how watches and clocks are present in everyone’s life today. We wear them to not just check the time, but also as an accessory.

Knife Making

The knives are actually an old item. The handle of the knife is very often decorated to describe the culture and the background of the knife carrier.