Making Your Own Tarot Cards

Your future and destiny can be told in many ways and today, we shall be looking at tarot cards for the way. Reading tarot cards is a skill that most people learn in their lives as a hobby, but is not something that most people believe in, despite it often hitting the nail right on the head. 

Purchasing other people’s tarot decks, or worse, purchasing industrially made tarot decks is not as fun as making your own tarot decks. Here is how you should approach making your own deck.


Why You Are Creating the Deck

It is always important to know why you are doing something. If you go in, head first, without knowing what the goal is, how good could the deck turn out to be? Why are you creating it? Is it out of boredom or do you truly want your own deck and if you do, for which purposes? 

Give the thought some time. Knowing why you want something will give you motivation to continue, will give you clarity on the situation. Going in blindfolded is never a good idea, particularly when you are making something.


A Concept

Tarot decks often revolve around a certain theme, a concept. You should choose one yourself and stick to it. A concept can be anything from natural disasters, landscapes, artists, 1980s music hits. Whatever concept you choose, will help you going forward, because it will set the tone for the deck and will also give you a clear blueprint. Going off random ideas will not help in the long run and will only make your deck inconsistent.


An Art Style Must be Chosen

This is also an important part of making a tarot deck. Most decks use a single style unless they are meant to represent generations of different movements in art history. That being said, choose a style that fits you best, one that you are comfortable with. Some styles that are distant to you should be avoided, mostly because you want to eventually finish and use the deck.


Learn From Experts Before Starting

Prior to starting work on your own deck, you should learn from experts, about the different styles and what makes them such, as well as what other artists had done when in the same situation, wanting to make their own deck. Seeking expert or experienced opinions makes the entire process easier. 



Tarot will not be made on its own, it requires someone to work on it, to draw and paint, cut and assemble. Work must be done, otherwise, the deck will remain a concept only, something that you thought about intensely, but never created.


Making your own tarot deck is a challenge, but one that can be overcome with the right tips and lots of work.