Great Casino Designs – Why is Design Important for Casinos?

In today’s world, land casinos are not getting as much attention as they should, or is that correct? Well, online casinos have been around for some time now, and with their bonuses which offer a more fun experience, like this STS Casino Bonus, customers are more attracted to online casinos. However, land-based casinos still have a lot of visits and that is simply because people require different things and want a different experience.

Some like convenience, others love the feeling and sights of a casino.

Casinos aren’t like all other buildings, they are designed in a very specific way to keep customers inside, to keep them looking at the tables, at the slots. Casino design is very special and it helps casinos get customers.

Here is more about casino designs and why they are important.


Customers Are Often Responsible

While we can make rational decisions as human beings, we sometimes get pulled in and a vortex of emotions takes us over, sending us down a path we don’t really want to take. This can become problematic if you are in a casino.

Casinos have a special design, often themed, to keep customers’ eyes on the games. Losing focus and wanting to do something else is the responsible thing to do, to not spend more money. Casinos don’t want that, they do want your money. Casino design is used to entice customers to play more and spend more money.


How Does Casino Design Work – The Basics

The basics of any casino are that they have no windows and no clocks. This is true for any casino, small or large. Even pubs have slot machines in areas that have no windows. All of this is to keep the customer focused on the casino games. The clocks tell time and time is a good warning for when you have overstepped.

Most casinos work overnight, meaning that windows could signal the dawn coming. Such changes would tell the customer that they might want to go home. This way, the customer doesn’t have a reminder and can focus on gambling.


Casino Design in Detail

Casinos are often themed for a reason. A theme sets the mood. If a customer feels like they have entered a time rift and got sent into the future or past, they will most likely want to stay there. Reality is not fun, but shiny toys which make noises are. 

Combine that with the right design, and you might have customers sitting there for hours and hours, spending money that they don’t have. A huge part of the design is to entice customers, but also to look pretty while doing it.


Some Interesting Casino Designs

The world has many casinos but not all of them have this iconic design that you will remember. Among the many casinos, the Venetian comes to mind, both the one in Las Vegas and the one in Macau. Both are themed after Venice.

The Monte Carlo Casino is also an interesting one, old, with a casino, opera, and the headquarters for a ballet company. 

The Kurhaus casino in Baden Baden is a neo-classical building with corinthian pillars. It is one of the most expensive casinos in the world. 


Casino design is very purposeful and made to entice customers to stay, as long as they can. Most successful casinos have a great interior design, which tells us how important design is in general, but particularly for casinos.