How to Make Your Own Poker Set / Poker Cards

How to Make Your Own Poker Set / Poker Cards

Poker boom happened at the beginning of the last decade and it’s no surprise that since then poker sets were made and sold in millions – not as much as the most popular sport events or the most successful movies which you can read about on, but close enough. Whether it’s the professional set used on high-level poker tournaments or something more basic, poker sets are not really that expensive. Especially if you’re playing online, like with the Tropicana Casino promotional code, when the poker set is virtual and you pay nothing for it. However, if you like the idea of making one yourself, here are some things you should know about them.

Poker Set Equipment

In order to know how to make a poker set, you need to know what it consists of. The essential part of any poker set is the playing cards and betting chips. After that come the lammers. They are special chips which have text written on them in order to mark the position of a dealer and players who are in the small blind and big blind positions. Plastic cut cards are used by the dealer to cover up the bottom card so it doesn’t get exposed. There are also card protectors that players use to put on top of their face-down cards so they don’t get accidentally flipped over. Some poker sets also have timers that can be used as shot-clocks, defining how much time a certain player has to play a hand, or to mark when the blinds go up. This is the only electrical part of a poker set.


Playing Cards

Poker set has a total of 52 cards, 13 for each suit. The cards are numbered from 2 to 10, with the addition of four high-value cards: Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. To make them, just print them out on plain white paper or quality card stock. You can get creative with it and design your own numbers, letters, and suits. Make sure to cut them out identically so they can’t be differentiated when being face-down. In order for your cards to be shuffled a little easier make sure to round up the edges by using a corner rounding tool. You can use sleeves and stiffeners so the cards are more sturdy and durable. Another tip for making playing cards is to use linen finish so the cards don’t get stuck together and are easier to shuffle.


Poker chips are usually identical in size, but they have different colours that mark their value. Some high-end casinos use ceramic chips, but plastic is more commonly used and is also the cheaper option. Poker chips need to be identical in size so they can stack on top of each other easily and be perfectly round like coins. Standard chip size is 39 millimeters in diameter. Poker chips usually have coloured stripes on the sides so they can be counted more easily when stacked. They also have markings in the middle which show their value. You can use various machines to mark poker chips, like the E4-PK hot stamping machine.

Other Equipment

Playing cards and chips are the most essential parts of any poker set, but if you want to make some additional equipment, you can easily do so. Dealer buttons are similar to chips, and all-in triangles are just simple plastic pieces. A shot clock is a whole other story though, since you will need some basic electrical knowledge in order to make one from scratch.