4 Sites to Learn New Crafty Hobbies From

4 Sites to Learn New Crafty Hobbies From

A good hobby can keep us from losing our minds, particularly when self-isolating during a global pandemic. These trying times are very good at testing our patience and our abilities to organize our time and make the best out of it. While unable to go outside, we tend to turn towards another way of reaching it, by using the internet. 

We often use the internet to do things such as entertainment. However, that is not all that we can do online, because it is also a great source of knowledge. 

Learning new hobbies is what we could be using the internet for. Here are some great sites you could learn hobbies from.


Most people use Pinterest to get ideas, but realistically, Pinterest is an endless pit of inspiration. One could be stuck on Pinterest for ages and not get tired of all the images. Pinterest can give you ideas about current hobbies, but also ideas about something new. Whenever you start seeing related images, you might get that extra bit of inspiration needed to try something new. We are often driven by passion, but when there is no passion, we need something to jumpstart it. 


This is an easy one. YouTube has tutorials about almost everything. You could learn how to solder and make guitar amplifiers, how to fix your own gear, how to build computers or play musical instruments. You could learn how to install operating systems using only a terminal, which is something you would be doing in the 1990s, or today if you want to completely customize a system.

YouTube has video tutorials, which are great for learning almost anything, especially new hobbies.


Reddit can be a bottomless pit where people write essays on why their view of an event is better than another person’s. That can lead to locked threads and failed subreddits. On another hand, it can also be a great source of inspiration. Most subreddits devoted to learning and sharing specific knowledge can help any person on a journey to learning a new hobby. Whether crocheting or learning a musical instrument, Reddit has helpful tips for newcomers. Most subreddits have days that are dedicated to newcomer questions.

Hobby-Specific Forums

Forums are dead, or so social media giants want us to think. Whenever people love something, there are forums dedicated to that certain something. Whether music, technology, mobile phone development, video games, or DIY, there are forums for those who want to learn and improve. It helps to know what you want to learn, though visiting a specific forum might give you an idea.

These are the best sites to get ideas from, particularly if you want to learn new hobbies. Hobbies are great and we should have at least a few of them to keep our minds occupied during difficult days.