Essential Craft Tools for Beginners

Essential Craft Tools for Beginners

Today I present you with a list of essential craft tools. These can create a large number of projects you can read about online. Number five is my favorite as I just love to play with all kinds of paper. This list also contains advice on how to use these tools and suggestions for the projects you can take on.

1. Hot Glue Gun

This item must be hanging on top of your table (not to damage anything with hot glue, of course), it is great to make things stick together. For this tool, I would recommend any projects that include paper or cardboard sticking together. With my own experience, I know that hot glue also helps with sticking the wood together.

2. Ruler

The ruler can help you bend the paper in a straight line. Also, it can help you with all the project that require a lot of markings. You can mark all points and lines for cutting later. Rulers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes so you can get a few different ones depending on your project scope. I dare you to make a paper airplane using a ruler.

3. Paper Cutter

The paper cutter is here for all your paper cutting needs. It comes in very handy when you need a lot of paper of certain shapes that you have to custom cut. It provides parallel cutting so you can get as many paper strips as you need. This device is useful in just about any project, be it wedding invitations or table decorations.

4. Pencil Sharpener

I’m pretty sure I don’t have to write too much about the pencil sharpener except that you should have one and that you shouldn’t sharp anything else but the pencils in it.

5. Scissors

Scissors are probably the most useful tool on this whole list. It can be used in the widest range of projects but it can’t be as precise as the paper cutter It also can’t replace the ruler (unless it’s a special version of scissors that can do those things).

By using the combination of the tools listed here, I recommend you try out these projects:

Easter basket – your Easter basket can be a one of a kind if you apply your crafting tools to achieve something only you imagined.
Spring Crafts – you can put a flower in just about anything. I’ve seen people put their flowers in boots, shoes and even nicely cut jeans.
Furniture – You can craft a piece of furniture by ordering all the parts you need from the shop. If you are just starting out, you should choose some simple piece to work on at first.