Biggest Sports Betting Wins at Online Bookmakers

Biggest Sports Betting Wins at Online Bookmakers

Today we are talking about the betting success stories around the world. To start on the right foot, there was a fan who believed in his team so much that he bet on them even though they didn’t look very exciting to anybody in the beginning. He bet $250 that the St. Louis Cardinals would actually get to the World Series at odds of 500. These are some very interesting odds as you can see. Most people just play it safe and take advantage of promotions such as the William Hill Cheltenham offers, but there are those people who are more daring and don’t mind putting their money on a long shot. Right after that, the same fan bet $125 that the same team would win the World Series at 999 odds.

The Cardinals started winning games, they were the most unlikely winners of the World Series champions and the fan picked up his cool $375,000. His faith paid off. All this happened in 2011. Now, let’s take a look at some other stories.

How did That Happen?

The story of how Richard Hopkins decided to place 200 pounds on Hamilton winning at Grand Prix goes something like this. He believed in Hamilton when he was just 13 years old. He then placed a few bets. First, he put 200 pounds on Hamilton winning a Grand Prix by the age of 23 at odds of 200. Another was 100 pounds on Hamilton winning the World Championship by the age of 25 and this bet was made at 500 odds. And then he put another 50 pounds on both of these events actually happening at the odds of 1500. These are some great odds. All his predictions came true in 2008.

Mick Gibbs, who is from England repaired roofs for a living. However, his other skill involves guessing some pretty interesting games. This story comes from 1999. This is where Mick bet 2.5 pounds (yes, that is really all he bet) on nine games across Europe. His prediction was correct and in just a few days he earned 157,000 pounds. His next big win happened in 2001 when he bet on 15 football games. 14 of those ended up just like Mick said they would, but the last match ended in penalties and it didn’t work out. But still, Mick ended up with 500,000 pounds. It was only 30 pence stake.

Nick Newlife is the person who bet on Roger Federer. He bet that the popular tennis player would win six more titles by 2019. He put 1520 pounds into this bet. The payout was 101,840 pounds. It was 2012 when he placed it, just after Roger won against Andy Murray in 2012. The sad part was that Nick Newlife passed away and never saw his winnings. But he left the betting slip to a charity Oxfam who got the winnings.

All these stories have been shared with the media because they happened on a single occasion. But there are also many betters who win smaller, way smaller, but they do it more constantly. Maybe you know someone who is successful like this, or you are one of these people? If so, write a comment below and tell us your story of how you won big. Never doubt that the next big winner that the media talks about is you. You just need to believe in yourself.