Competitive Video Gaming – a New Olympic Sport?

Competitive Video Gaming – a New Olympic Sport?

How far are we from seeing video games be treated as an Olympic discipline? You may think that this is something we’ll witness in the distant future, but there’s actually a chance that the Olympic Games in 2024 will have eSports introduced to the venue. This is still only a consideration though, however, with the growing popularity of this new sport it really won’t be much of a surprise if it comes true.

What Is Competitive Video Gaming?

Competitive video gaming, or eSports, is a form of competition between professional gamers who use computers and consoles in order to play certain virtual games against each other. It’s much different from other types of online games such as lotteries, which also have dedicated sites for bonuses such as for the PA Lottery. However, there aren’t many types of online games that gather people in the same room to play those games. There are organized events that take place annually where players compete in multiplayer video games either as a team or individually. Over the past several years the competitions have also taken a form of professional leagues, with teams competing against each other over the course of a regular season in order to qualify for the playoffs and, eventually, the finals.

Popularity of eSports

To understand why eSports are considered for Olympic Games, you have to know how popular they really are. It all started with the expansion of live streaming where top gamers would play certain games against each other and be viewed by a large audience. This soon turned into live events that are now held in big halls and stadiums. There are thousands of visitors at these events, and the competitions are broadcasted live with millions of fans tuning in to watch. It’s easy to assume that if eSports make it to the Olympics, the viewership would be equal, if not larger, in comparison to some other sports at the venue.

What Games Are Likely To Be At The Olympics?

The most popular games played on eSports competitions are League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, StarCraft II, and a few more. Although some of these games aged really well, a period of 6 years is a lot in the gaming world. The question is whether these particular games will remain popular until 2024 or will we see some brand new games being played at the event.

Paris 2024

The city of Paris will host the Olympic Games in 2024. As of right now, the negotiations are still taking place whether eSports will be introduced to the event. However, eSports are already receiving recognition in the “real sports” world, since they will be a medal event at the Asian games in 2022. The main argument for this type of action is that the Olympic Games should remain relevant to the younger generations and that eSports will surely bring more views to the event overall.