Can You Bet on Figure Skating and Ice Dancing?

Can You Bet on Figure Skating and Ice Dancing?

In short: yes you can, both types of competitions are available. Their odds are quite good. It becomes more popular around Olympics time. If there are any other major competitions throughout the year, they will most likely show up on many online bookies. The more popular bookmakers, aside from a bigger number of options for placing bets, also offer promotions for new customers. There is no need to panic if there are no competitions to be on. This is a seasonal sport and it comes and goes. In the meantime, you can try researching the most popular figure skaters and ice dancers.

How to Determine who is The Best?

Based on the history of the figure skater or ice dancer, are they new or have they been on media radar for a while? Who trained them? Who is the trainer? Did the trainer achieve something with some other skater or dancer? These are very important points in deciding who is the best to place your bet on. Also, crawl the social media and see who people are mostly excited about. Don’t rely on the media only, they mostly go for the flashiest person as that’s what people want to see on their TV.

At the time of writing, we didn’t see any odds for any major competitions, but during 2018 there are some. So you should get ready for it. Open an account at Pinnacle or some other betting operator where betting is easy and effortless. Next, verify your account because there are limits for unverified accounts. It takes a few days to verify an account, depending on how busy the operator is. They do get busier when there is a competition coming up, so you should think about this in advance or you’re in for a nasty surprise.

Also, consider the welcome bonuses when you choose your operator as well as the quality of support they provide. Do they have 24/7 support? This is very important when you are placing multiple bets and start winning. You’ll want everything to work smoothly, without user interface glitching or slowing down due to a huge load they are getting in the middle of the competition.

If you have an account opened on multiple operators you can compare odds and bet where it makes more sense. But, most people have their favourites once they get familiar with the layout of the site.

Another tip: Make a list of upcoming competitions you’d like to bet on and also a list of everyone competing, because once the odds show up, there won’t be much of a clue on who to bet on. Do your own research, dig deeper, be the hardest working better out there and it will all pay out.