What Are the Most Artistic Sports?

What Are the Most Artistic Sports?

According to the websites around the internet, people have voted on their most favourite artistic sports. These sports are well known around the world so any kind of audience can enjoy them.

1. Figure Skating

This sport requires the maximum amount of focus. People practicing it have to put in many long hours to perfect their art. Figure skating is actually a combination of dancing and skating on ice, as such it has to be nice to look at and entertain as well as amaze the viewers. This sport is actually pretty dangerous as it carries certain risks for people practicing it. Injuries can occur so maximum caution is advised. Another requirement is that figure skating requires stamina. Skating sessions can last up to twenty minutes, more or less, so a lot of strength is required. If there are two people on the ice practicing the sport, everything becomes more risky, more challenging and more beautiful to watch.

2. Competitive Dance

When dancers compete they are only scored for their art. Basically, this art form has been practiced among humans since the beginning of the known history. And it was always a joy to watch and participate in. Today, dancing gave birth to competitive dancing. Professional dancers spend years perfecting their art.

3. Synchronized Swimming

This art form requires great timing and perfect coordination among all swimmers. It also takes a lot of energy to perform. It is very interesting to watch complicated moves that the swimmers are doing.

4. Ice Dancing

Ice dancing is 100% viewed as an art form. It is also judged that way as well. It is gorgeous to watch.

5. Diving

At the fifth spot, we have diving. People on the internet do consider it an art form, but my humble opinion is that it doesn’t really deserve the fifth spot. First of all, it is more fun to do it yourself than to watch others do it. So I would probably put it somewhere after tenth or twentieth position on this list. However, the visitors of this site should be the judges as well and write a comment if you agree with me or not and why.

6. Archery

Archery requires a lot of skill. This art form has been enjoyed since the early days of humanity. Basically, as soon as it was discovered, people were competing for the best place. This skill has had a huge value to everyone who possessed it. Today it is a respected sport, but also an art form.

7. Skateboarding

Skateboarding is nothing but a lot of creativity. Every individual has their original moves that are hard to replicate 100%. This art form is very popular among the younger generations.