Best Online Courses to Teach You Different Crafts

Best Online Courses to Teach You Different Crafts

Whether you want to kill some free time or try to sell your work, learning to make different crafts can certainly be a nice and useful hobby. There are live classes that you can find and attend, but there are also some very good online courses that can be equally beneficial. With the abundance of these craftsmanship websites today, we tried to select only a few resources that truly stand out.

Brit & Co

This website has several categories, all of which are filled with tutorial videos and step by step protocols. Every class has an estimated time, so you’ll know exactly how much time it will take for you to go through the whole material. With Brit & Co you can learn lettering, crochet, knitting, jewelry making, photography tips, and a bunch of other great stuff. The courses are not free, but they are not too expensive either.


Skillshare has over 20,000 online classes that can bring you some useful knowledge about the art of photography, design, film, and writing, but also some very interesting crafts like how to make paper flowers. If you sign up, you will get first two months for free with unlimited access to the website’s content. You also have an option of becoming a teacher at their company if you got some talents worth showing to the world.


Just like the website’s name states, Craftsy is specifically about crafts. Things you can learn in their main classes include quilting, sewing, knitting, painting, drawing, cooking, baking, and more. In their big catalog, you can also find gardening tips, woodworking, etc. In total there are over 1,000 individual classes that you can gain access to by signing in. There’s a trial period after which you will have to pay to learn.

Creative Live

Creative Live is a relatively new website with not such a big content in comparison to the sites we mentioned before. However, they do have amazing classes that are definitely worth checking out. Crafts in their catalog include scrapbooking, jewelry design, sewing, art, floral design, and more. Currently, they only have less than 200 classes available but already about several hundred thousand students.

Shaw Academy

With Shaw Academy you can learn from a bunch of different courses and earn their professional diplomas – both regular and advanced ones. The main focus is photography and the art of photo editing. You can learn some very useful tips on how to use programs like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Other diplomas include web and graphic design, finance and marketing, beauty, music, language, health, and fitness, etc. You can try one course for free in the 30 days after signing up.


Crafts can also be virtual, and online courses at Lynda can teach you all about computer software, from the basic to more advanced techniques. You can also learn design, web development, photography, and more. There’s a 10-day free trial after which you can choose between basic and premium memberships.